Meet the OEC teams (II)


Today, introducing team PolyGone from India.

Namaste from India…!!!

It was 7 years ago when I started exploring LEGO and, since that moment, I’ve been coaching and training students to participate in these kind of events. My teams have qualified to represent India at the OEC celebrated in Mannheim in 2012, at the FLL World Festival USA in 2013 and 2015, and at the FLL Open Toronto in 2014. So far, they have won championships and have many other laurels in their bags!

FLL events are experiences which I feel very close to my heart due to the ‘wholesome experience’ they provide to children. It’s amazing to witness how they are shaped up for the future and its needs. As an educator, I haven’t yet come across a better opportunity than FLL to integrate STEM and 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication or cooperation addressed to children aged 9-14 years. What counts the most is that young minds work for a cause and yearn to make a difference to create a better surrounding and to improve the society they live in! That’s priceless!

Our past experience at the OEC was fun-filled and unforgettable. Knowing the excelling standards of OEC year after year, I’m sure that Tenerife will also provide all the teams with a memorable time full of fun and frolic. While we are preparing for the OEC, our enthusiasm keeps building in leaps and bounds. So far, our journey has been majestically filled with experiences and learning; we’re building up a deeper bond between us and a developing a “change for good” as individuals. We’re really looking forward to take part at the OEC-Tenerife event, and we can’t wait to ‘Learn, Share, Bond, Grow’ together with all the other teams!

We, team PolyGone, promise to live by the spirit of OEC-FLL to the fullest!

Let’s live together in a WORLD OF RECYCLABLES!

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